How do I order the correct size? 

We are so glad you asked, and we want to help!!
We are sure this will help, if not, email us!
  1. ALWAYS CHECK EVERY SIZE CHART OF EVERY SKIRT!! Some skirts are made larger than others. The machines that we use are only as perfect as the people using them.
  2. Take note of the material in the skirt you want to order! Does it stretch?
  3. Lay the skirt flat and measure the waist and hips. 
  4. If the skirt measures 15" - double it.
  5. Order the skirt size that is closest to your measurements.
  6. If the skirt has stretch - you want the waist and hips to stretch somewhat. For example - If your actual waist measures 30" order the size that is just under that (28-29") this way the skirt does not just sit on your waist. Or fall!
  7. If the skirt you want has no stretch - that is when you measure your own body! When it comes to no stretch never size down! 
  8. Still need help? Email us.