Gathered in Grace...because you are! THAT sums us this business.

My name is Shannon Milton. I am the owner/operator of GiG. I started this business to bring a much needed selection of modest clothing to Canada. Yes, I love fashion. Yes, I love shopping! Most of all, I love what I do. I do this for you. I gave my business to God, and that is where it will stay. In His hands! I want nothing less than His will. 

I love feedback and input from the ladies in our Facebook group "GiG Insiders" https://www.facebook.com/groups/181519055739807/  Our selection of clothing is driven by what you want and ask for! We want you to feel like this is YOUR store! 

My favourite part of this business is hosting the shopping parties and meeting the beautiful women I meet! I also might REALLY love the shopping! LOL! Click here for more info on hosting your own party!

Why modest? Modest doesn't mean frumpy! To me, modesty is class and dignity. We want you to feel amazing in any item you purchase from GiG. We want you to know and feel that you ARE the beautiful creation He made! 

Want to learn more about me? Below is a link to an interview to show you a little about where I came from! My story is not done yet, neither is yours! 

We are grateful you stopped by. Enjoy your GiG finds! We hope to always be a part of your life!

Tons of Love and Prayers! 

Shannon Marie <3